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Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments

Bucharest is a capital and largest city of Romania. There are plenty of tourist spots and attractions which you can visit when you are on the visit to Bucharest. The combination of museums, landmarks, parks, gardens and several other things make Bucharest a good place to be in. You can enjoy a lot in Bucharest. But, for enjoying, you certainly need a comfortable place where you can live in till the time you are present in Bucharest.

There are many people who visit Bucharest on a holiday trips whereas there are other people who visit Bucharest on an official trip. In both the cases, people need an accommodation that can make you feel relaxed.

Need an accommodation?

The place is known for its various tourist attractions, so there is an abundance of rental accommodations as well. Different types of accommodations include serviced apartments in Bucharest, flats and individual villas.

Go for serviced apartments in Bucharest

The company with the name of Bucharest Rent Apartment offers a vast list of serviced accommodations in Bucharest from which you can choose one for you and your family. All the accommodations are located in safe building and near prime locations so that you may not miss on anything. The accommodations can comprise of 2 to 3 bedrooms.

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These apartments are best for expatriates who are going to visit Bucharest in near future. They can rent the serviced apartments for both short and long term. More importantly, all the accommodations are fully furnished and are equipped with all the basic amenities that are required to make the living comfortable. The apartments have the facility of Wi-Fi. All the other facilities are taken care of by the friendly professionals. The best part is that accommodations are available at the best prices which will certainly not lay down heavy burden on the pockets and you can save a lot and spend the money in enjoyment.

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ROcazare.roThey want to live a fulfilling lifestyle in that transient time. And that is what the serviced apartments offer. The serviced apartments are comparatively more convenient, capacious and more reasonable in pricing. There was a time when these apartments were nothing in the name of an apartment but that has changed.

Serviced apartments have evolved a lot during the last decade that people prefer these apartments over hotels. The facilities that are perceived only to be available in hotels are found even in these serviced apartments. Where there were just few basic amenities in these apartments, today, you get a well equipped kitchen so that you can cook on your own if you do not like eating outside. Although, you get food on time from outside which is within the services of the service providers, one can also get to cook in the kitchen where every facility is available.

If you are on a planned holiday, make sure that you are choosing the right destination; the ones where the serviced apartments are there. There is an abundance of serviced apartments yet many places still comprise of hotels and that too the costly and luxurious ones. Luxurious holiday apartments are available in many cities so that you can relax and make good use of your vacation. Even though there are other alternatives available like a penthouse, a designer studio apartment and that too at reasonable prices yet people like staying in serviced apartments because these apartments facilitate you with complete comfort and enjoyment.

Serviced accommodation in Bucharest is same when it comes to defining the accommodation in these apartments. They have also been especially designed for business travelers who want to feel at home after a strenuous day. These apartments have larger rooms, extra privacy and lesser crowds unlike hotels. Here, the stays are more often than not longer and might go up to a few months to years. If you decide on to stay in a hotel instead with your entire team for such a longer period, then it will cost you a lot. Therefore, think less while zeroing in upon any accommodation and go for the ones which are extolled not only by the ones who have stayed in them but the ones who have simply listened good from others.

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RROcazare.roomania is an enchanting country nestled beautifully in the lap of the Carpathian Mountains. It has a rich cultural heritage and is blessed with magnificent medieval castles. The capital city, Bucharest is also a very popular tourist spot and is teeming with people round the year. Finding a hotel in Romania can be a difficult proposition and is also very expensive. The best way to enjoy a splendid vacation in Romania is to book a serviced apartment for the duration of your stay.

Hotels are not always comfortable

Expensive hotels can rob away the pleasure of your vacation. Their exorbitant charges can be a dampener and ruin your budget. Hotels also like to impose their conditions and always have restrictions on petty issues like the number of people staying in a room. Privacy is also an issue in hotels as you will always be surrounded by curious neighbors. But, a serviced apartment offers a suitable alternative to hotels.

A welcome change

Serviced apartments have emerged as a new alternative in the tourism industry as it provides tremendous freedom compared to hotels. You can choose the duration of your stay and book the apartment accordingly. These apartments are well spread and have sumptuous space. You even have an option of choosing the number of rooms you want. The apartments are equipped with all the modern features and are well kept. You can fit in your whole family and friends without caring to pay for extra beds.

Serviced apartments in Bucharest provide you a splendid opportunity to explore Romania on your own terms. It is a wise decision and will help you to save a lot of money. These apartments are in close vicinity to the major tourist attractions. When in Bucharest, be in a serviced apartment!

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Unde aleg sa stea oamenii de afaceri romani ajunsi in Bucuresti?

Posted on December 9, 2013 by evelin_22

De foarte multe ori, oamenii de afaceri din Romania sunt fortati sa calatoreasca foarte mult in interes de serviciu de la Timisoara la Iasi, de la Oradea la Botosani. Insa toate drumurile, atunci cand vine vorba despre afaceri, conduc inevitabil dintr-un motiv sau altul in Bucuresti. Satui de camerele de hotel identice si impersonale, satui de orase pe care nu le vor vizita in mod real niciodata, multi dintre oamenii de afaceri ce ajung in Bucuresti in interes de serviciu cauta ceva diferit, ceva care sa le ofere un confort cat mai apropiat de cel de acasa. Care este solutia preferata de veteranii in calatorii in interes de serviciu? Cazarea in garsoniere sau apartamente in regim hotelier!

Acest tip de cazare reprezinta solutia ideala pentru cei ce cauta o locuinta pe o perioada scurta sau lunga, insa una personala si intima, ce le va oferi independenta si confortul pe care si-l doresc. Aceasta este in fond principala diferenta dintre o garsoniera in regim hotelier Bucuresti si o camera de hotel: intimitate, confort, independenta. De fapt, o garsoniera in regim hotelier Bucuresti este chiar o combinatie intre o camera de hotel si confortul propriului camin.

Motivele pentru care multi oameni de afaceri veniti in interes de serviciu in Bucuresti sau in oricare alt oras de fapt sunt numeroase. In primul rand, persoanele interesate de o cazare in regim hotelier urmaresc confofortul, intimitatea si linistea pe care un hotel pur si simplu nu le poate oferi. De asemenea, acestor persoane li se pune la dispozitie o intreafa gama de facilitati: de la internetul wireless gratuit, pana la dvd playere, telefon, aer conditionat, cuptor cu microunde, expresor de cafea si multe altele. Bucatariile, fie ca vorbim despre o garsoniera sau despre un apartament in regim hotelier, sunt complet utilate cu tacamuri, vesela, aragaz, filtru de cafea, frigider si cuptor cu microunde. Asadar, oaspetii isi pot prepara o masa ca acasa la orice ora din zi si din noapte!

De asemenea, este de mentionat si faptul ca pretul unei garsoniere inchiriate in regim hotelier este de cele mai multe ori cu pana la 50% mai mic decat cel al unei camere de hotel. Mai mult decat atat, oaspetii au posibilitatea de a opta pentru o garsoniera sau un apartament situat exact in zona pe care o doresc sau zona in care stiu ca vor trebui sa ajunga pentru diferitele intalniri de afaceri sau conferinte.

Asadar, cazarea in regim hotelier este ideala pentru persoanele ce pun accentul pe confortul si intimitatea locului in care urmeaza sa fie cazati. De multe ori, camerele de hotel poat parea reci si chiar identice, insa pentru cei ce doresc sa transpuna confortul propriului camin in noul loc de cazare, apartamentele si garsonierele in regim hotelier reprezinta solutia ideala!



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